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Welcome to IDEXX Laboratories, a pioneering force in the field of human research diagnostics and solutions. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, innovation, and scientific advancement, IDEXX is transforming the landscape of medical research and diagnostics, driving us closer to a healthier future for all.

About IDEXX Laboratories: Advancing Human Research Through Innovation

Our Journey

Founded in 1983 by Dr. David Evans Shaw, IDEXX Laboratories emerged as a result of a visionary pursuit to elevate human health research through cutting-edge diagnostics and breakthrough solutions. From our inception, we’ve relentlessly pursued innovation, shaping our company into a beacon of progress within the medical research community.

Our Mission

At IDEXX, our mission is clear: to provide researchers, clinicians, and medical professionals with the most accurate, timely, and reliable diagnostic tools and services, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions and contribute to the betterment of human health. We believe that every discovery we enable has the potential to impact lives on a global scale.

Championing Innovation

Innovation is the driving force that propels us forward. We’re committed to pushing the boundaries of scientific possibility, creating diagnostic solutions that empower researchers to uncover insights that were once beyond reach. From state-of-the-art diagnostic tests to advanced software platforms, IDEXX is at the forefront of innovation, helping to reshape the way human health research is conducted.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our comprehensive range of products and services is tailored to meet the diverse needs of researchers and clinicians across the medical spectrum. Whether it’s advanced diagnostic tools, research instruments, data analytics, or expert consultation services, IDEXX provides a holistic ecosystem to support your quest for scientific excellence.

Global Impact, Local Empowerment

With a global presence spanning many countries, IDEXX’s influence reaches every corner of the world. Our international network ensures that medical professionals, researchers, and institutions have access to the tools and expertise they need to accelerate their research efforts. While our reach is global, we’re deeply committed to fostering local partnerships and empowering communities to drive change from within.

Sustainability and Responsibility

We understand the importance of responsible business practices and sustainable research. IDEXX is dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint, promoting ethical research practices, and contributing positively to the communities we serve.

Join the Pursuit of Progress

Whether you’re a seasoned researcher, a medical professional, or someone passionate about advancing human health, IDEXX invites you to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can redefine the boundaries of human research, spark innovations, and work towards a world where better diagnostics lead to better lives.

Thank you for being a part of the IDEXX Laboratories community.

For more information about our innovative solutions, services, and the latest advancements in human health research, we invite you to explore our website or reach out to our dedicated team.